Prepare yourselves for the 46th International Building Trade Fair - SEEBBE 2022 at Belgrade Fair
Both civil engineering and architecture represent an everlasting challenge aimed at improving and pushing the limits of contemporary living. The construction industry is highly positioned in the Serbian economy, for which reason its prosperity is reflected in the accompanying manufacturing branches and fields.
The 46th International Building Trade Fair-SEEBBE 2022, that will be taking place between 27 and 30 April, will proudly showcase all segments of the construction industry. The most successful representatives from across various fields of construction industry will be there: research and design development, high-rise construction, civil engineering and hydro-construction, building construction and maintenance, building materials, building furnishing.
Business-oriented and interactive, but also innovative, the SEEBBE International Building Trade Fair is the ideal setting for marketing both innovations and contemporary solutions. It gives visitors and businesses the opportunity to look at the widest possible range of offers and make business contacts. The Fair represents an inspiration for new projects, as well as the possibility of conquering new markets in the field of construction.
Modern construction involves the care of nature, environment, environmental setting and as such it establishes criteria for sustainable construction, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, rational use of resources, environmental and human health impact. In this regard, new investments in the region as well as technological innovations relating to each of these aspects, but inevitably materials and processes that will be marketed by construction professionals in the future - attract largest numbers of visitors interested in office and residential building construction.
The Building Trade Fair at Belgrade Fair is traditionally the best indicator of both the current situation and the highest reach of its participants, and is certainly the largest construction fair in Southeast Europe.
We wish all participants a successful performance at the Fair!


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